Antonio Varas 360 Providencia

Antonio Varas 360 Providencia

A photo impression of “Casa Nacional del Niño” located in Providencia, Santiago

With Maria currently in Chile we are able to raise even more awareness in the weeks to come. However, it is not the only thing we do. 

We were asked by Cecilia Liljedahl from Sweden if we would have the time to go to the orphanage where she was living with her two younger brothers. As we were in Santiago, we took the metro and went to station Manuel Montt in Providencia. 

Below is the photo impression of “Casa Nacional del Niño”. Today it is a hospital for children but once it was an orphanage directed by Thelma Urribe.

A good guard got us through the old part of the building which today functions as a Museum. Here they keep the memories alive from the days when it functioned as an orphanage.

We know that many adoptees came from this very place as we have seen it in many adoption papers crossing our desk

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