Cecilia, Moises and Per

Cecilia, Moises and Per

Making contact with birth-families is never easy. Sometimes links are very much broken and there is no easy way to reach them. Not by communication and less so when trying to locate them.

Recently CAW got to be involved in reconnecting three siblings who were trying to connect with their mother and brother. Thanks to the Mapuche community, we have been able to reestablish communication and dealt with the translation-part. Hopefully, this is a new start to explore new horizons together. The CAW-Team will maintain to be dedicated to help this family reunite in any way that might be required.

Distances are long and cultures are very different. Some searches may take a long time to find what you are looking for. However, let that never be a reason to stop following your dreams and goals.

The CAW-Team

Read more about the siblings here


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