Chilean Adoptees NGO (Stichting)

Chilean Adoptees NGO (Stichting)
the official NGO of Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW)

  • The Foundation bears the name: Chilean Adoptees NGO
  • It has its seat in the municipality of Steenwijkerland

The Purpose:

1. The aim of the Foundation

Is to stand up for the rights of Chilean Adoptees in The Netherlands and abroad and everyone connected with them.

2. The Foundation seeks to achieve its objective by, among other things:

– Cooperate with governmental organisations in both the Netherlands and Chile;
– Ensure that all Chilean-related matters such as parentage files, roots files, annual reports and the like, which provide insights into how Chilean Adoptees came to the Netherlands among other countries, are safely made available so that they, their loved ones and future possible seekers can see a permanent reference work.
– Providing guidance in roots searches, both in cultural history, personal history of the family and interpretation in the language of origin, in the broad sense.
– The quest for truth-telling, a parliamentary inquiry and an adoption-stop.
– Actively cooperate and provide assistance to the ongoing, criminal investigation currently taking place in Chile, in which the “Abduction of Children” for the adoption market is being invested as a crime with the aim of the investigation: to identify the perpetrators and accomplices, so that they are brought to justice.

3. How to obtain funds and how will these be spend.

Chilean Adoptees Foundation can and will only apply for a subsidy from INEA through the central government in 2025 to shape the above issues. Through an online donation platform, the foundation has started a crowdfunding in order to pay for a lawyer regarding truth-telling investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

4. How are the NGO’s assets managed?

The assets are managed by our Foundation treasurer and controlled by the entire Board.

5. Remuneration policy

There is no reward policy. We do all this on a voluntary basis.

6. Reporting

Reporting will be done once a year by our treasurer.

Chilean Adoptees NGO (Stichting)

+31 6 5249 7061
Email: Click here

the Board:
M.E. Welink / Chairman
A. Quezada / Secretary
A. Moghadam / Treasury

Together referred to as the “Founders”

Chilean Adoptees has its seat in Steenwijkerland, the Netherlands.

KvK: 92748643
RSIN: 866160127

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