Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW)

Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW)

Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW)

“CAW” is an organization realized for those adopted from Chile or even within the country borders in order to provide them with a platform they can relate to. 

In the 70s, 80s and 90s there has been a wave of children leaving the country and due to this phenomenon they are currently spread all over the world. These decades have known to be very difficult times for the countries history due to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. 

Since some years however, it is known that many of these children have not been left by their mothers and/or families voluntarily. As a result, today there is an official investigations in progress that tries to identify those involved. The official complaints of families who have lost their children under the most strange circumstances are still coming in on a daily basis and official numbers have past the amount of 10.000 official declarations in the year 2018. 

The mothers and families are looking for their children!

CAW is helping to raise awareness of these facts. Not only within the community of the adoptees but for anyone else who is or feels connected with them and wishes to receive updates in regards to the current situation and our shared histories. 

The adopted children are adults today and have always lived a life away from their birth-country and -families who in most parts, never wanted to get separated from their children in the first place. Through this website they are being given a voice and a platform in times where we confront a violation of our basic Human Rights in the history of Chile.

CAW is closely working together with selected organizations in Chile and internationally and has started up an important work-team with the officials who are handling the investigations in Chile today, referred to as the investigation of Illegal Adoptions and Child Trafficking. 

CAW was founded in Chile in 2018 by Alejandro Quezada, Angélica Martínez and Jessica Pincheira who were adopted illegally and lived the biggest parts of their lifes in resp. The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. Alejandro went to live in Chile to investigate his own adoption in 2014 where he resides until today. 

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