Chilean adoptive children in Denmark may be stolen

Chilean adoptive children in Denmark may be stolen

Rune Renato Hansen’s world was turned upside down when he recently learned that everything he knew about his origin was probably a lie. Now he is trying to find the family from which he has probably been stolen. Photo: Kim Rasmussen

Updated February 21, 2020 at 1 p.m. 19:47

By Alexandra Mollerup and Morten Chas Overgaard
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Newborn children were taken from their mothers and reported dead, and children up to the age of 8 were stolen from parks, playgrounds and hospital rooms and sent to the US and Europe in dictator Augusto Pinochet’s attempt to ‘clean’ Chile for poverty from the 70s to 90s.

Up to 20,000 children were stolen from poor families and sent to the US and Europe, and now the Chilean organization Chilean Adoptees Worldwide is working to find the stolen Chilean children who believed they were adopted in the normal way.

Rune Renato Hansen from Tøllless is probably one of the children who was adopted against the will of his parents, and he is now trying with his friend Christina Birkemose, a local politician in Faxe, to call the government up.

Rune Renato Hansen came to Denmark in 1979, where he moved in with his new family in Kalundborg. Today he lives in Tølløs. Photo: Kim Rasmussen

On Friday evening, they met with Social Democratic Socialist and Interior Mayor Camilla Fabricius and the organization Chilean Adoptees Worldwide to clarify the situation and discuss what can be done to help the potentially very many stolen children.

According to Chilean Adoptees Worldwide, 108 Chilean adoptive children live in Denmark, and so far the organization has contact with 12 Danish suspected of being stolen from their parents.

For Rune Renato Hansen, it has come as a shock and his whole worldview has now turned upside down.

He hopes the government will help the stolen children find their biological parents and provide psychologists while looking at their own role in the matter.

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