Family-Search-Form for Chilean Adoptees

Before submitting the form below, please read the following information:

Through the below form, you will initiate the first steps towards your search of your biological family in Chile. Unfortunately, this search does not come with any guarantees. Please be informed that there is a lot of information on this website in the FAQ section that helps you already to understand why your family search can take some time.

The team who will be working on your search are all human beings that know the emotions a family search. In case your family will be found, it is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life. One in which there are also no guarantees on how that will develop.

The people helping you with your search have dealt with this themselves and have also helped many others to go through this process. A process for which there doesn’t exist any handbook or manual on how to deal with the emotions and how to deal with the (cultural )differences one can encounter.

A family search is free of charge!
For a family search you will not (read: never) be charged! We believe that it is a human right to be in contact with your biological family, to know where you come from and you have the right to your identity. Anyone asking you for money to search for your family, is not an entity of the Chilean Adoptees Worldwide network.

We respect your privacy!
In short: in order to initiate your family search, we ask you to send as many documents as you possibly possess about your adoption to us through the below form. Your information is stored on our own server. We don’t deal with any of the services of any of the commercial companies. Our email and server is in our own possession and anything that is shared with us will be treated with respect.

Do not send your documents to us through social media platforms!
Anyone asking you to send your private documents through any of the social media platforms is not an entity of the CAW Network. Please note that your privacy will therefor not be protected since third parties will have access to your documents.

Might it be that the attachments you want to send to us are many more than this webform allows you to send, please contact us first so we can reserve your own private folder on our file-server to which you can upload your documents. This folder will only be accesible by yourself and the founding members of the CAW team.

Many thanks!
The CAW Team




    Brief report of the information you have gathered regarding your pre-adoptive history.

    Do you have biological or adoptive siblings who come from Chile? If your aswer is yes, please provide at least their original names, place of birth and date of birth.

    Have you participated in search processes of your family of origin with other organizations? For example: "Servicio Nacional de Menores" (SENAME) or another?

    It will be appreciated to accompany as many number of supporting documents as you can gather, such as copies of identification documents, birth and / or child-baring, copies of the judgment and travel authorization certificates, document of payment made for fees for adoption, letters sent to the adoptive parents, etc.

    These documents must be sent in PDF format with a maximum of 20 megabytes.

    Or as an attachment to the email ", with a maximum of 20 megabytes. (You can send a second email incorporating another file making present that it is the continuation of a previous one)

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