INDH, Santiago de Chile

INDH, Santiago de Chile




In Chile there is a Human Rights Institution. It works even so with the team of Mario Carroza but looks at things in a different way. They also are receiving official complaints which they send to the office of Mario Carroza. But more over, they do also receive files from Mario Carroza and his team in order to investigate this item of the illegal Adoptions and see where this is touching not only the fact of these adoptions having violated the Human Rights in all senses, but also to see if this actually touches the item which is called: “Crimes Against Humanity”


If one throughs a stone through the car window than it is called a crime. And that has to be dealt with as such. One goes to the police to file a complaint and when the person is found who did this, he or she will be having to represent him/herself in front of a judge. 

Here we are speaking about stealing a newborn child away from the mother. This is not a simple crime but a violation of a basic Human Right. The right to be together with your own children and grow them up in accordance to your values. Being lied to and say to the mother that the newborn son is dead, not showing a corpse nor handing over a death certificate and meanwhile, letting a judge sign for the child to leave the country to be adopted at the other side of the word based on false documents, are many other violations of the basic Human Rights. 

When this is being dealt with systematically than we get to the point that it can be called a Crime Against Humanity. This term is often used in wars or civil wars. Where you see that there is an operation going on towards a certain group of people because of their religion or any other kind of situation, and this certain group of people is systematically being “disposed of”. In the file of the adoptions we are talking about, the mothers were not disposed of but we do talk about vulnerable people, not being able to defend themselves in such a way that they could do anything against the crimes committed towards them. 

So therefor the National Institution of Human Rights in Santiago is trying to push this matter into the corner of being Crimes Against Humanity. Making it therefor much more intense and far more better punishable in front of a judge at the moment when people are being brought to stand trail. 


CAW works close with the INDH in Santiago because of the reason that we work internationally. It is a very powerful combination that we have with them. Together constructive talks have started to have an online form be implemented through our website where adoptees abroad can do their official complaint through so that they can also investigate your adoption. 

More information on this item soon to be available.

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