Mario Carroza

Mario Carroza



This article has been broken down to 6 items which we will try to explain as brief and profound as possible:

First of all it is important to understand that the investigation of Mario Carroza are being done by a team he put together himself. He, as a “Ministro en Visita of the Appeal Court” is not being given this duty by the Chilean State. And that is where the important difference is. 

He himself is the one who is diving into this material because as a fighter for Human Rights, he has seen such a violation of it in the matters of mothers having lost their children, that he decided that this had to be investigated. He has been appointed by the Supreme Court of Santiago to do this work. 

The deaths of Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda (a famous), the father of formal President Michelle Bachalet, have all been investigated by him. Not because he has been given the order by the Chilean State to do so. But only because he saw a direct violation of the Human Rights and as a judge, he decided to dig into it. 

His investigation is a “criminal investigation” in which there are lots of names mentioned of people involved in these facts, all mentioned in the adoption documents we have. The database which has been set up by the team reflecting all the details of these years is extraordinary and profound to say the least. I have seen some big excel spreadsheets but what I saw there exceeded all my imaginations by far. The first thing I asked was: “I hope you have a back up of this”

The meaning of “official authority”

For Ministro Carroza and his team to receive documents or “cases” to be included into the investigations, they should be send to them by or through an “official authority”. 

So I thought: Could that be any organization / institution that handled adoptions back in the years? Because if that would be the case, well, logically that they have the documentation on hand. In Sweden I heard that Adoptioncenter was such an “authority” that was invited to send in documents from Chileans adopted through them.

However, when there is any kind of involvement  of those organizations abroad, how can we be sure that all the relevant documents will be send by that “authority” to be included? And that made me not only think that the official authority could be an organization, but what about the Dutch State for example as to where I was adopted, of any other state…. When there would be any kind of involvement than I am personally not so sure that relevant documents will get where we need them to be

That is where we as Chilean Adoptees Worldwide think it is better that we as adoptees, who got directly affected, should be able to send in our paperwork through a neutral system, which will be ours only, and through it get it directly into the investigation. And so, we are looking into the options to have Chilean Adoptees Worldwide functioning as a so called official authority, which in 2019 will even be put into a legal form of for example, an Organization or Association, depending on how we would get most out of our status.  

The platform through which we can send through our documents

This will be this very website on which each and everyone must have the option to submit their paperwork. The connection to the investigation is direct. But since not everyone will speak Spanish, we will have to see how we are going to get it in the investigation so that submitted items can actually be used. If there is such a thing like safe transmission, well, there are ways to encrypt data which is on route through the web but we will have to figure out which is the best way to do this to make sure any possible threats will be eliminated. 

The broken trust in the Chilean State and where does the documentation end up.

Here is an important point: The Chilean State is one item, Mr Carroza and his team is a total different thing. Carroza is doing an investigation as a judge pursuing justice for those affected; not as someone representing the State of Chile. The Chilean State has not asked him to do this investigation and as a matter of fact, there will be people within the State which are not so happy with these investigations because their hands might be dirty and still traceable. His investigation is a criminal investigation and so people will be brought to justice. Who is “people” ? Here we are referring to the people involved which are a lot of people of the public system. Hospitals, doctors, lawyers and judges to name a view. People of the public system representing the Chilean State. So yes when you say there is not so much trust anymore, it is totally understandable. Therefor it is important that this will be written so you can understand that you’re documents will not be ending up at the Chilean State.

Violation of Human Rights and Countries involved

Is internationally being taken up as crimes agains humanity. Crimes which go to the level like warcrimes and so on. It is something different than when you through in someones window. Unfortunately, like we know the adoptions which took place in Chile and all over the planet we know today that adoptions are just not to help poor children. Maybe the initial idea was about that but people have been taking a real advantage of it, benefited of it and so, here the circle is round again. 

Countries where children went to, to be involved in order to get the investigation on a next level. Where is the problem in this today?

Recently in the European Parliament where Maria Stodart was attending the presentation of “The dark side of Adoption”, it became very clear that even today, there is a Lobby going on in regards to adoptions. The idea is to stop international illicit adoptions on a worldwide level. This is one of our points as well when we speak to people in the Chamber of Deputies. The International lobby has of course people who are against international adoptions and people who want nothing to be changed and for last mentioned, I will leave my very own opinion behind for now. But you could say that these people, who don’t want any change, in someway, are still benefitting of it. 

Driving the investigation forward. A responsibility?

Looking at all of the above written items, I think there are all kind of opinions and all kind of questions. Why, should we as victims, be the ones to move the investigation forward. Why is there no way that people think themselves that this is important to find out and identify who was involved. Why must there be this Mr Carroza who is doing all these investigations and why is Government not moving? 

If Government would have this moving, that would be the same as Government already having acknowledged that child trafficking has been going on in our country. We are far from that. So what we can do, is help the investigation, that connections can be made and that the real magnitude of the matter will be known. The other option would be not to do anything and wait for some miracle to happen… But I don’t see that as an option personally. We have to make awareness. 


People in Government to who we have been speaking, are not familiar with the adoptions. When Maria Diemar and myself were presenting ourselves as adoptees who have been growing up in different countries other than Chile, speaking about the situations adoptees can come across in relation to a struggle to know their identity and anything else which has to do with being adopted, their faces were simply filled with unbelief and amazement. They have never come across this before, least of it being able to speak face to face with people who have lived this. 

Everyone knows about the mothers and about the families who are victims of child trafficking, how their children who were just born have been taken away from them. This material on itself, those histories of the mothers will simply shock you to your core but there is this other part of it all which reflects us a being adoptees. So if we are not making awareness there will be no one who will be making a difference within Chilean Government. Therefor, I see the importance of the investigation and to speak with Government in order to make it clear and to have them look into our direction. 

When we are having them looking into our direction, than we will be having the opportunity to get this known throughout the world and the other countries involved with our adoptions to make a difference. However, meanwhile we are not sitting still. Awareness is being raised as we speak on many different levels, taking into consideration that there always will be lots of people who do not want that our story and thus the truth gets to the surface…

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