MegaNoticias covers International Adoption stop in The Netherlands

MegaNoticias covers International Adoption stop in The Netherlands

From the desk of Alejandro Quezada

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by MEGA, the Chilean national broadcast network who got to understand that the Netherlands had put a halt to intercountry adoptions.

They are also the TV channel who in 2014 made some very interesting documentaries, 3 in total, about a Dutch nun. Through her, more than 100 Chilean children would have ended up in the Netherlands to be adopted.

This was the start of a changing public opinion and more mothers came forward telling about a same history of children being taken away from them. Not only after birth, but also at older ages.

Today in Chile there is an ongoing Criminal Investigation, lead by two investigation judges, both specialized in Human Rights, as well as Parliamentary Investigation commission, both of which found their start in 2018.

We have been working hard to have this video translated, subtitled and synchronized in both the Dutch and English language. French subs will follow soon.


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Marina van Dalen

I know exactly where this so called nun, Gertrudis Kuijpers or Truus Kuijpers or Hermanita, as she calls herself, is located now. She is 89 years old and is in the carehome of (Saint) Jozefoord in Nuland, the Netherlands. She is not a nun and has never been a nun. When she was young, she tried to enter into the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa (the so called White Sisters because of their habit) in Esch, the Netherlands. After the postulate, she was not allowed into the noviciate, because they thought she was not fit to be a missionary sister. They thought she was manipulative and not very honest. So, she was sent away and never did her first profession.
After that, she apparently went to Chile somehow and initiated this childrens home Las Palmas. Her sister Wil Bastiaanse-Kuijpers, initiated a foundation in NL to support this childrens home. During the 70 and 80-ties they put more then a 100 children for adoption to Nl through their own foundation, for a lot of money and not in a legal way.
Several years ago, Gertrudis came to Nl to find a place to stay. She was old and probably felt the need to flee from the Chilean authorities, because they were investigating her. She tried to get in with the White Sisters again, luckily the White Sisters did not agree to this, because they had no obligation to her whatsoever. She found a place in the carehome of St. jozefoord in Nuland, where there are many old sisters from other congregarions, but also manY laypeople at present. She thinks she can hide here….
Unfortunately her archives, which she apparently took in many boxes with her to NL, are mainly destroyed. This is because Jozefoord has had a renovation a few years ago and they needed the space where she kept her archives. Ofcourse they did not know these archives would have been of any importance. They did not know about her history at all. When Gertrudis, or Hermanita as she calls herself now, is being asked about her being a religious, she shows a kind of vague document of the srs of Carmelite in Urugay, which does not mean anything. She is not a religious nun!
So, I am afraid many children who are involved in this tragedy, will not know their roots. ‘Sister’ Gertrudis still has some boxes in her room, which probably contain valuable information for those who are concerned. She is now 89, so you have to be quick. Untill now she denies every accusations of the Chilean researchers or NL journalists, while in fact she did criminal acts during those years. She falsified papers and can be accused of trading babies and children for money. Together with her sister in NL.
I wish everyone good luck with this case and hope you find your biological families after all these years.

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