New Volunteer: Mirjam from the Netherlands

New Volunteer: Mirjam from the Netherlands

Mirjam Elze Welink van IJken

The CAW Team welcomes Mirjam to the international network. 

Mirjam has connected with Chilean Adoptees Worldwide almost three years ago, having just started her own investigation towards her adoption. Through time we personally had a lot of contact. We found out new details and have been able to shine light on some of the darker corners of her adoption and the aftermath. 

Approx one and a half year ago, through DNA, she found out that the biological family she got connected to through a Dutch nun, was not her biological family! Of course this has a severe effect on an adoptee. Amazingly though, she found her strength again and found even more reason to dive even more deep into her history. How and why was it possible that she got connected to the wrong family in Chile…? 

This resulted in her story being featured in several articles in The Netherlands and she also has been recording two podcast episodes which can be listened to through our “CAW-Podcast-channel” (Dutch spoken audio)

Her perseverance in her investigations that not only serves her own case but those of many other, her energy and spirit, both on a rational as well as on an emotional level make it more than logic that she has her membership within the worldwide network of CAW.  

Please join me in welcoming Mirjam to the team!

The CAW Team

Read some of Mirjam her articles published in the Dutch media
(Open in Google Chrome and it will translate for you)

From the CAW Podcast channel:

(Dutch Audio)
(Dutch Audio)
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