PDI – Case 1044-2018

PDI – Case 1044-2018

PDI – CASE 1044-2018


CASE NUMBER 1044-2018

In 2018, when Mario Carroza started with his investigation, a case number was opened known as 1044-2018. Under this case number the mother will have to be doing her complaint. Throughout the length of the country, offices of the PDI know this case number and one should not be required to be traveling to Santiago to do the complaint. 


When one does a complaint of someone who has been burgling their house, the complaint goes through the juridical system in Chile. It gets to a tribunal and then a judge will decide what happens to it. There are various tribunals in Chile. For family relations, for organised crimes and so on. 

The difference here is that when a mother does an official complaint of her child being stolen away from her, the complaint goes directly through the PDI to the office of Mario Carroza and his team. Which is the highest power this country has. The complaint will be in good hands. It does not go to any tribunal first to later land on the desk of Mario Carroza. No. It skips all those bureaucratic steps and gets there where it needs to be. It is very sufficient. 


The Mother in Chile
When a mother has just get to the understanding that maybe her child is not dead (because when it was born and declared dead, she never got to see a corpse and did not receive a birth certificate) but could be somewhere else on the planet, this is where it all starts for her: The official complaint at the PDI. Have them known that she is also one of the victims of what today in Chile is referred to as “illegal adoptions and child trafficking”.

Brothers / Sisters of the Adoptee in Chile
In some cases we have seen that the mother is not alive anymore but there are siblings looking for their brother or sister or might already have found contact with the adoptee. In this case, they are in their full right to do the complaint as well. They might not know the history as specific as the mother does, but that does not mean that the complaint can not be done. Do you have such situation, please invite your brother or sister to even so go to the PDI which is close. Any problems? Please immediately contact CAW in Chile in order to coordinate. We do this a lot because it is very important!!

Son or daughter of the Mother in Chile
Recently we had a situation where the mother was very sick and so, she was simply not able to get to the PDI. The daughter who was up to date with the facts of the past the mother had gone through was therefor about to do the official complaint which is totally fine. Of course, as the mother is the person who lived this, it is absolutely important to let her do the official complaint as well as soon as she feels better. But the brother or sister can in this case perfectly do the complaint as well. 

The Adoptee
When in Chile you are invited to bring your adoption documents with you and get to the PDI. CAW can be of help here. We do it a lot. We work with the PDI on a daily base. You will be interviewed with a range of questions and your adoptions documents will be copied so that they can start to investigate your adoption. You are not obliged to do any of this of course but if you feel the need, than please be aware that your documents can be very helpful for the investigation team to connect new dots and get more information as to how the “operation” worked back in the years. 


So it does not end only with your mother being able to do the complaint. CAW today is working with the PDI so that also the Adoptee can do their complaint abroad. We are working to get the embassies and consulates to pay attention to this matter and see if we can have them to help his out here. Recently, thanks to our US Representative Alicia Pizarro, we have been able to establish a new connection with the PDI located in Washington at the Chilean Embassy. 

Roberto Gaete of the PDI in Santiago has been in contact with Cristian and we are hoping that soon the PDI in the USA will be able to receive official complaints of Adoptees within the US. 

In Spain we are going to work on a same level for European Adoptees. Madrid has also a person of the PDI working at the Chilean Embassy. So the connections are being made as we write this. 


If you reside abroad and want the PDI and the investigation team to start working on your case, please follow this link:


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