Radio Media Naranja invites CAW

Radio Media Naranja invites CAW

Yesterday Alejandro of CAW was invited by Producciones Media Naranja. This news channel has interviewed the Dutch nun Gertrudis Kuijpers in 2016.

Watch the video by clicking here

Kuijpers worked in Chile and during the 70s, 80s and 90s she was responsible for the adoption of 99 children to The Netherlands. Many of these children have never been left by their birth mothers voluntarily.

Today in Chile there is a Criminal Investigation going on towards these practices which are identified as Illegal Adoptions and Child Trafficking. 

Alejandro Quezada who was stolen himself from his mother, being declared dead towards her after birth, explained about his personal story, CAW as organisation, the emotions and complexity that come with being irregularly adopted. 

Radio Media Naranja will have additional interviews with important people in order to further spread the word about this part of Chile’s history.  

Further interviews and the final production can be found on this website once available.

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