Relentless – Podcast

Relentless – Podcast

Relentless – NEW Podcast Episode at “Thriving Adoptees”, hosted by Simon Benn

Recently, Alejandro Quezada was interviewed for the Podcast of Simon Benn, “Thriving Adoptees” (Empowering Adoptees To Thrive), touching base with the personal history of Alejandro. Follow the link below to listen to his history and why CAW was founded.

Relentless – NEW Podcast Episode

Alejandro’s story is so incredible that it’ll take your breath away like it did with mine. I tried to summarise it here but found I couldn’t do justice to it in a couple of sentences so I decided not to try to. Listen back and be prepared to be inspired on this rollercoaster of a ride. (Simon Benn, Thriving Adoptees)

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