Chilean “RUT”

Chilean “RUT”


A Chilean RUT Number consists of a certain amount of digits and is your identity-number with which you are known with to the Chilean State. It basically contains your identity date, your full name, your gender, your date of birth, place or birth, place of subscription etc.

Al this information is known within the Registro Civil where this information is being stored. Every person born from a Chilean father and mother is a Chilean citizen and will be receiving a RUT Number.

The RUT number will be mentioned on your Carnet de Identidad (ID-Card) and your passport. Within the Registro Civil your RUT Number is also linked to your address and to the most recent image of your face as seen on your ID-Card and/or Passport.

Your RUT Number is the way how you communicate with the State. With this number you rent or buy a house, get a telephone or internet contract and it is even helpful to receive discounts in a supermarket.


In the past, long time ago, when the RUT numbers became to be implemented though the country, it most likely started at number one. But not number 1 as a single number. No: It is in the 1-million range.

For example: 1.000.000-1

So it reflects a number in the million range. a starting number, than a dot, than 3 more digits, another dot than the last three digits being followed by a dash, and finally a number or the letter K. This comes behind the dash.

Today the RUT numbers for children being born are already in the 27-million range.

It does however have nothing to do with the year. It is not that each year there will be a new million range. That would mean that if we are now in the 27-million range, we would have started with RUT numbers 27 years ago. Which is not true. RUT numbers are being used since a much longer period of time.

Here in Chile I have a friend who is called Luis and he has a RUT in the 6-million range. He was born in 1955. My mother has a RUT number in the 10-million range. She was born in the year 1965

I was born in the year 1979 and I have a RUT number in the 9-million range. Huh? Does that make sense? Because my mother is 14 years older than me and has a RUT in the 10-million range?? How can this be?


Things we are not sure of we make it clear that it is not confirmed and/or certain. Here is one of those matters:

Speaking with the Migration Authority, they have advised me that my RUT number in the 9 million range, I should be older than my mother and younger than my friend Luis.

However, as per their information there are many people who have a RUT number starting with the 9 because it would have been a “range destined for people who were about to leave the country”. Really??? Well, that is something we are currently trying to find out. We are not sure of this.

When we have news about this, we will update this article accordingly.

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