Family Reunion

Family Reunion

Chilean Adoptees Worldwide has its seat in Chile. The idea was created on the 24th of September and the first website saw its light exactly one month later: 24th of October 2018.

One of the reasons is to build a bridge for Adoptees to follow the actualities going on in Chile today about the irregular adoptions. But it is not only about the investigation teams currently working on that what is referred to today in Chile as “Illegal Adoptions and Child Trafficking”.

We are also connecting with adoptees when they come to Chile. Founder of CAW, Alejandro Quezada lives in Chile. He came back in 2014 due to his illegal adoption and to find out the truth behind it. Today he is helping those who come back to Chile to help them with translations when they meet their mothers and family-members for the first time. Most adoptees do not speak the language. In order not to be sitting opposite to your Chilean family, smiling, not being able to talk about all those questions you have, we feel the need to help out.

CAW builds a new bridge in this field. Helping you to understand your family in Chile is of the utmost importance. Alejandro himself today speaks the language very well. Understanding not only the language and the culture but also the emotions that come with your fist meeting with your biological family. Being able to connect with them he finds to be a basic Human Right.

It costed him 13 years to actually understand his mother and all those histories the mother went through. Alejandro only understood in 2010 that his adoption was illegally dealt with. He was declared dead and not like the adoption papers say: “Abandoned Voluntarily”

It is his task to help adoptees to connect and to help the families to connect with their communication towards their “new family member” who was adopted and lives far a way.

So far CAW (Alejandro) has been involved in some very emotional and powerful family reunions. We can write a book as thick as the bible concerning each reunion we have been involved in. All because the connection which has been made possible due to everything you want to know is being translated

In case you are interested in meeting Alejandro in Chile who can tell you more about the work of CAW in Chile, you can contact him and see how and where he can be of help.

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