Registro Civil

Registro Civil


Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación is a Governmental office where information of Chilean citizens is being saved and maintained. For all Chileans it is the first place to go when they want to obtain their ID-documents, to register a new born child, when you want to get married, register when a person has passed away. Also when you want to subscribe a vehicle to your name, this is the place where you go to.

Any document that you can obtain that has to do with you as a person can be obtained here. This is your communication with the Chilean State. Here it is known who you are etc. Here is data being kept of your address and an image of you as put on your ID card or Passport.

The head office is located in Santiago in the Street Huerfanos. This is also where the archives are located containing the history of all Chilean citizens. Birth certificates, death certificates, comprobantes de partos and all that has to do from the moment that a person is born until a person passes away.

When we do family searches, we always will pass by the head office in Santiago of the Registro Civil. This is our starting point when we want to obtain the Comprobante de Parto which we discussed in a previous FAQ.

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