The “illegal” adoption

The “illegal” adoption

The adoption becomes illegal when a child is not voluntarily being given away to be adopted by the legal mother. These cases we have seen many times crossing our desks. We are going to dive deeper into this material on an other part of this website but in the basis it comes down to the following:

An example: Alejandro Quezada, founder of CAW, had the situation that he was declared dead towards his mother. This way they have been separated from each other. There was never a Certificado de Defuncción (death-certificate) created , never was a little corps shown to his mother and she was forced to sign documents that she did not understand. She was told that these were documents had to be signed to confirm that she indeed had a child who passed away.

Fact is, that Alejandro was not dead of course. He was separated and declared dead under circumstances which were very far from the truth. He is one of many children that got separated in this way from their mothers. The documents that aloud Alejandro to leave the country show that his mother voluntarily gave him up to be adopted abroad. This is when we are speaking about an illegal adoption.

In short, if the official and legal documents of the judge that decided for Alejandro and many other children do not coincide with the version of the mother, than the court is lying about the actual facts which makes it illegal. Simply because it is not based on the truth. Alejandro together with thousands of other children were made falsely “stamped” to be abandoned and were therefor made “adoptable” and were able to leave the country.

Not only is it illegal, it is in fact a violation of Human Rights. And exactly this is what is now being investigated in Chile by judge Mario Carroza and Jaime Balmaceda.

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